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- Diabetes May Start in the Intestines, Research Suggests
- Sturdy Scandinavian Conifers Survived Ice Age
- Nearby Planet-Forming Disk Holds Water for Thousands of Oceans
- More Powerful Supercomputers? New Device Could Bring Optical Information Processing
- A Battle of the Vampires, 20 Million Years Ago?
- You Can't Do the Math Without the Words: Amazonian Tribe Lacks Words for Numbers
- Researchers Identify Mysterious Life Forms in the Extreme Deep Sea
- Physicists Find Patterns in New State of Matter
- Trees May Play Role in Electrifying the Atmosphere, Study Suggests
- Major Step Forward Towards Drought Tolerance in Crops
- Climate Change May Bring Big Ecosystem Shifts, NASA Says
- NASA, Japan Release Improved Topographic Map of Earth
- Spider Silk Conducts Heat as Well as Metals
- Signs of Thawing Permafrost Revealed from Space
- New Horned Dinosaur Announced Nearly 100 Years After Discovery
- Nanotrees Harvest the Sun's Energy to Turn Water Into Hydrogen Fuel
- In the Dragonfish's Mouth: The Next Generation of Superstars to Stir Up Our Galaxy
- Surface of Mars an Unlikely Place for Life After 600-Million-Year Drought, Say Scientists
- Replacing Electricity With Light: First Physical 'Metatronic' Circuit Created
- Rise of Atmospheric Oxygen More Complicated Than Previously Thought
- What Bacteria Don't Know Can Hurt Them
- Stem Cells Can Repair a Damaged Cornea
- Cold Winters Caused by Warmer Summers, Research Suggests
- Step Forward in Effort to Regenerate Damaged Nerves
- Biologists Replicate Key Evolutionary Step
- Blood Mystery Solved: Two New Blood Types Identified
- Astronomers Get Rare Peek at Early Stage of Star Formation
- Floor of Oldest Fossilized Forest Discovered: 385 Million Years Old
- Robot Reconnoiters Uncharted Terrain
- More Trans Fat Consumption Linked to Greater Aggression, Researchers Find
- Who's the Boss? Research Shows Cells Influence Their Own Destiny
- Bolivia's Jaguars Set a Record
- Ancient DNA Provides New Insights Into Cave Paintings of Horses
- Amazing Skin Gives Sharks a Push
- Hospital Tests Reveal the Secrets of an Egyptian Mummy
- More Than Half of All Cancer Is Preventable, Experts Say
- Highly Exposed to Phthalates as Fetuses, Female Mice Have Altered Reproductive Lives
- One Step Closer to a New Kilogram
- Rare Animal-Shaped Mounds Discovered in Peru
- Dust Linked to Increased Glacier Melting, Ocean Productivity
- Corals 'Could Survive a More Acidic Ocean'
- Researchers Capture First-Ever Image of Two Atoms Forming a Molecule
- Scientists Reveal Genetic Mutation Depicted in Van Gogh's Sunflower Paintings
- Turmeric-Based Drug Effective On Alzheimer Flies
- Predators Drive the Evolution of Poison Dart Frogs' Skin Patterns
- Prehistoric Predators With Supersized Teeth Had Beefier Arm Bones
- Pristine Reptile Fossil Holds New Information About Aquatic Adaptations
- How Insects 'Remodel' Their Bodies Between Life Stages
- How a Single Gene Mutation Leads to Uncontrolled Obesity
- New Robots Can Continuously Map Their Environment With Low-Cost Camera
- What Makes a Robot Fish Attractive? Robot Fish Moves to the Head of the School
- 'Double Tsunami' Doubled Japan Destruction
- Discovery Uses 'Fracture Putty' to Repair Broken Bone in Days
- Astronomers Look to Neighboring Galaxy for Star Formation Insight
- Scientists Map Hotspots for Genetic Exchange in Chimpanzees
- Specific Antibodies Halt Alzheimer's Disease in Mice
- Genes Linked to Cancer Could Be Easier to Detect With Liquid Lasers
- Declines in Caribbean Coral Reefs Pre-Date Damage Resulting from Climate Change
- Ancient Stars Shed Light On the Prehistory of the Milky Way
- Pulsating Response to Stress in Bacteria Discovered
- Workings of Molecular Motor Revealed
- Six to Nine-Month-Olds Understand the Meaning of Many Spoken Words
- Archeologists Discover Huge Ancient Greek Commercial Area On Island of Sicily
- Gene Therapy Boosts Brain Repair for Demyelinating Diseases
- Galaxies Get Up Close and Personal: Collisions in Young Galaxy Cluster
- Tortoise Species Thought to Be Extinct Still Lives, Genetic Analysis Reveals
- Patterns Seen in Spider Silk and Melodies Connected
- Ultracold Experiments Heat Up Quantum Research
- Nano Funnel Used to Generate Extreme Ultraviolet Light Pulses
- Depression: An Evolutionary Byproduct of Immune System?
- Engineers Set Their Sights On Asteroid Deflection
- Spider Web's Strength Lies in More Than Its Silk
- Birds Sing Louder Amidst the Noise and Structures of the Urban Jungle
- Paint-On Solar Cells Developed
- Galaxy Cluster Hidden in Plain View
- Starving Orangutans Might Help to Better Understand Obesity and Eating Disorders in Humans
- Exercise Triggers Stem Cells in Muscle
- Fiery Volcano Offers Geologic Glimpse Into Land That Time Forgot
- Milky Way Image Reveals Detail of a Billion Stars
- When Dinosaurs Roamed a Fiery Landscape
- New Shortcut for Stem Cell Programming
- Brain Cells Responsible for Keeping Us Awake Identified
- Global Carbon Emissions Reach Record 10 Billion Tons, Threatening 2 Degree Target
- Bioluminescence: Explanation for Glowing Seas Suggested
- More Than 7,500-Year-Old Fish Traps Found in Russia
- Nanotube Technology Leading to New Era of Fast, Lower-Cost Medical Diagnostics
- Graphene Reveals Its Magnetic Personality
- More Flexible Window Into the Brain
- Mental Time-Travel in Birds
- Caught in the Act: Scientists Discover Microbes Speciating
- Disruption of Biological Clocks Can Lead to Neurodegeneration, Early Death, Study Suggests
- New Study Lowers Estimate of Ancient Sea-Level Rise
- Tycho's Star Shines in Gamma Rays, NASA's Fermi Shows
- VISTA Finds New Globular Star Clusters and Sees Right Through the Heart of the Milky Way
- Proposed Nuclear Clock May Keep Time With the Universe
- Solving the Mysteries of Short-Legged Neandertals
- Monarch Butterfly Genome Sequenced
- Artificial 'Womb' Unlocks Secrets of Early Embryo Development
- Why Spring Is Blooming Marvelous: Switch That Accelerates Flowering Time Discovered
- Most Recent European Great Ape Discovered
- Single-Atom Transistor Is End of Moore's Law; May Be Beginning of Quantum Computing
- Young Stars Flicker Amidst Clouds of Gas and Dust
- Eastern U.S. Forests Not Keeping Pace With Climate Change, Large Study Finds
- Tropical Forests Fertilized by Nitrogen Air Pollution, Scientists Find
- Extensive Taste Loss Found in Mammals: Feeding Preferences Shaped by Taste Receptors
- Jupiter Helps Halley’s Comet Give Us More Spectacular Meteor Displays
- Sobering Future of Wildfire Dangers in U.S. West, Researchers Predict
- Hydrogen from Acidic Water: Potential Low Cost Alternative to Platinum for Splitting Water

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